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Rink Building Process

In This Section


After contacting IceTime, a team member a free consultation and price quotes on what options we have the will best suit your yard or space. 

Free Consultation and Quote


An IceTime team member will do a free land survey of your yard to determine slope and ensure your rink is designed adequately hold your ice

Free IceTime Land Survey


  • Natural Ice Rink

  • Refrigerated Ice Rink

  • Curling Rink

Choose Your Rink


Choose from an extensive list of IceTime services in order to build your customized services package.

Choose Your Services Package


IceTime's professional installation team builds your custom rink strong enough to ensure the flooding process is successful.

Rink Build


IceTime watches the weather forecast and provides weekly updates letting you know the optimal time to flood your rink. 

Add Water

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