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Ice Maintenance

Take advantage of IceTime's ice maintenance services. To make getting ice and having ice as easy as possible for the customer we provide Ice Maintenance Services to all of our customers. You can choose to sign up for a seasonal maintenance package or simply call us when you simply just don't have time to take care of it that week.

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Snow removal

clean your rink from the snow to avoid damage to the ice surface. Keeping the snow off the surface is the most important maintenance task you can do to maintain a nice skating surface

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Ice Shaving/Mowing

we will chip rough patches away help improve your skating surface. If surface is really rough we can bring in our professional Ice Edger that will shave down (like a lawnmower) your ice to 1 level surface

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Ice Resurfacing

Using our professional Ice Resurfacer tool we will flood a clean coat of water onto the ice to give it the zamboni look that you can be proud of

***Water source needs to be located within 100ft of rink for this service

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