IceTime offers the only full-solution residential ice rink building, design and maintenance service  in the greater Twin Cities metro. Our goal is to help homeowners bring the ice to the comfort and convenience of their own homes. From free land surveys, custom rink design, spring rink tear down/storage, and everything in between, we have a wide range of solutions to meet all of your ice rink needs. With IceTime's residential ice rink solutions you'll never have to worry about the hassle of driving your kids to a public ice rink, trying to adjust your schedule around open ice times or messy spring clean up / rink storage. Learn more about IceTime's Design and Build, Ice Maintenance and Rink Tear Down / Storage services 


To Get Started, Choose from the Following...

 Services Available

Design & Build Process


Rink Types


Ice Maintenance


Rink Tear-down and Storage


Services Available

  • Free Land Survey (Check Level and Slope)

  • Yard Re-Grading - Skid Steer

  • Custom Design of Rink to Fit Your Space

  • Complete Installation

  • Materials Delivery

  • Ice Maintenance Packages

  • Spring Tear-Down of Rink

  • Storage of Rink During Off Season

  • Re-Installs Year-Over-Year


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Free Land Survey
Free Land Survey

Free Land Survey

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Rink and Accessory Storage

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Design and Build Process


After contacting IceTime, a team member a free consultation and price quotes on what options we have the will best suit your yard or space. 

Step 1. Free Consultation and Quote


An IceTime team member will do a free land survey of your yard to determine slope and ensure your rink is designed adequately hold your ice.

Step 2. Free IceTime Survey

Step 3. You choose a rink

Choose from an extensive list of IceTime services in order to build your customized services package.

Step 4. Choose Your Service Package

IceTime's profession installation team quickly builds your customized rink.

Step 5. Rink Build

Once the air temperature becomes cold enough simply add water and wait for ice for form.

Step 6. Add Water


Rink Types

Natural Ice Rinks

IceTime offers a variety of natural ice rink packages that will suit any budget and desire. Packages and services are customized to fit your needs.

Packages Include

  • Board System

  • Iron Sleek bracketing system

  • Plastic Liner

  • Board Foam Topper or Cap Rails

  • Optional items: Netting, Goals, Skate Mats etc.

Rink Board Options


$ - Plywood Boards 


$$ - White Poly Dasher Board

stillwater rink.jpg

$$$ - Roto Molded Dasher Boards

Refrigerated Ice Rinks

IceTime offers portable refrigerated rink packages so you can get the most out of the MN winter. Our Chiller systems offers outdoor skating even when mother nature isn't cooperating. Refrigerated rinks allow you to skate at temperatures up to 50°!!  On average it will provide you with 2 extra months of backyard skating as compared to natural ice rinks.

Packages Include

  • Refrigeration Chilling Unit - Sizes depend on Rink Size

  • 100% Portable Refrigeration Ice Mats - easy to store 

  • Glycol Cooling Solution

  • Dasher Board System

  • Iron Sleek bracketing system

  • Plastic Liner

  • Board Foam Topper or Cap Rails

  • Optional items: Netting, Goals, Skate Mats etc.

Placement of Chiller and supply 1.jpg

Curling and Bocce Ball Rinks/Courts

We are bringing the fun sport of curling to backyards and business. Making them  affordable and fun for all ages. We make our own curling rocks " Rink Rocks" so that it is affordable and more accessible than traditional curling rocks. 

Packages Include

  • Single or multilane rinks - side made from various materials to match budget

  • Rink Rock Packages - Red and Blue Colors  and made from durable steel and rubber combination

  • Freeze in Curling Houses / Targets

  • In Ice lighting options


Ice Maintenance


To make getting ice and having ice as easy as possible for the customer we provide Ice Maintenance Services to all of our customers. You can choose to sign up for a seasonal maintenance package or simply call us when you simply just don't have time to take care of it that week.

Ice Maintenance Services Offered

snow removal_icon.png

Snow removal

clean your rink from the snow to avoid damage to the ice surface. Keeping the snow off the surface is the most important maintenance task you can do to maintain a nice skating surface

ice Chipping_icon.png

Ice Shaving/Mowing

we will chip rough patches away help improve your skating surface. If surface is really rough we can bring in our professional Ice Edger that will shave down (like a lawnmower) your ice to 1 level surface

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Ice Resurfacing

Using our professional Ice Resurfacer tool we will flood a clean coat of water onto the ice to give it the zamboni look that you can be proud of

***Water source needs to be located within 100ft of rink for this service


Rink Tear-Down and Storage

***Referrals for Tear-down and Storage services to non IceTime customers are eligible for discount on your services!***

Option 1

Just Tear-Down

  • Properly disassemble rink components for safe and efficient storage

  • Stack and store on your property in a location that works for you

  • IceTime will bundle your rink and take it to our secured storage location for the offseason

  • The following season we will bring your rink back to you

  • If you have other accessories / items needed for summer storage we can take that too!

Option 2

Tear-Down and Storage