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Plastic Liner Recycling Program

Blue Plastic Granules

More information on this awesome new program

As the owner of an ice rink construction company, it has always bothered me that the ice rink liners we sell each year get thrown away instead of recycled. A small percentage of customers go through the extra effort to find a second home but 95% of them just get thrown in the trash and ultimately our local landfills. After hearing the words "no we don't take that stuff" from so many places over the years, I have finally heard a yes! It is a brand new plastic film recycling program by Myplas in Rogers, MN that is making it their mission to solve this problem! They are working with large businesses and small businesses, like mine, to find ways to collect as much material as possible to make as big of an impact as possible. 

Please help spread the word about this program to friends and family you know that have an ice rink. We will be keeping track of the pounds saved so you can see how your contributions multiplied by many can make a big impact! 

Myplas' mission is to build a circular economy for plastic films and packaging materials in the U.S., reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curtailing waste.

Visit for more information. 

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